Car Wash Transmissies supplies the right brand and type of modular conveyor belt in consultation with the customer. CWT gladly helps its customers make the best choice, whether this means the replacement of an existing belt or the supply of a completely new CWT conveyor construction including the belt. CWT constructions are of the highest quality and tailormade for the conveyor belt of your choice. To accomplish this, CWT forms a technical team together with the manufacturer of the modular belt. We work closely with each customer, to ensure that your wishes are translated into the perfect solution for your car wash. One modular belt brand that has already made its mark in the car wash industry is UNI from Ammeraal Beltech. The program includes various options, materials, colors and types of accessories such as flights. The belts are driven with UNI sprockets, a very high-quality product!

Modular belt cutout - Car Wash Transmissions

Applications such as exterior conveyor belts require a different approach than interior conveyor belts. Both the construction and the belt itself must meet the correct conditions for reliable and efficient operation.

CWT is the right partner for both types of car wash conveyor belts.


In addition to engineering and advising, we also have our own in-house workshop. This makes us flexible to quickly deliver what you need. We are the producer!

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